About Marianne


I have thought about whole body health and energy as long as I can remember.  

With a goal to experience living fully on this earth, I moved at a young age to the Chilcotin area of the BC Coast Mountains.  Our little cabin in the wilderness offered me a simple lifestyle free of common stresses and a chance to live closely with the land.  I was given a rare opportunity to learn how little "stuff" we need and how essential it is that the earth has the ability to support us.

It was during these years, 150 miles from town and with a family to take care of, that I became interested in learning about healing and energy.  I had been raised relatively free from western medicine and with a confidence in my own body and it's abilities.  I began a life-long study of wholistic healing and meditation.

The herbalist program at Dominion Herbal College in Burnaby, BC provided me a thorough background in domestic plants of North America.  My herbal interest has always been local plants; we are surrounded by a pharmacy of plant life.  My remaining years in the Chilcotin were spent studying, growing, wildcrafting and blending herbs for wellness. 

In 2004 we sold our little homestead.  It was time to re-emerge and we were Kamloops bound.  I had always been drawn to this area, and Kamloops turned out to be a perfect place for us.  Now with different resources around me, my passion for the healing arts took flight!  

I developed a series of meditation courses, which I offered for 6 years.  Watching similar transformation in people as I had experienced using meditation really stimulated my enthusiasm for further energy studies.  I researched many healing techniques and when I found Donna Eden's Innersource school of Energy Medicine I knew I had found my next study path.

In 2008 I began studies with Donna Eden.  Energy Medicine has been a marvelous and life-altering journey.  The early years of learning technique and making it my own gave me the tools of healing; the following years of studying deeper work and hundreds of sessions in my clinical practice, and work with my mentors have given me my way to “know” energy. Further studies to teach Donna’s work opened up a whole new aspect of this work for me and I discovered that I love to teach.

I choose to live my life and have raised my family using mostly wholistic healing methods.  The rewards have been immeasurable.  I have come to know that wholistic healing is a valuable life choice.  

Healing is my passion and my life’s dedication.

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