Energy Medicine

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“Energy Medicine brings you vitality when you are drained, health when you are ill, and joy when you are down.”   - Donna Eden

“Energy Medicine is both ancient and cutting edge,                                          both a science and an art.” – Ellen Meredith, DA, EEM-AP

Energy Medicine (EM) combines concepts and procedures from ancient healing traditions with contemporary understanding of health, wellness and healing. It can be used both as a complementary practice to allopathic (western) medicine and as a health support system in its own right. It is at the cutting edge of understanding the power of the mind body connection and how to better support health and healing, and it reaches into the very heart of being human.

Eden Energy Medicine is designed to restore the natural balances and rhythms of the body’s energy systems. In doing so, the body’s physical symptoms of disease and illness are supported towards correcting themselves.  As Christiane Northrup, M.D. put it so eloquently “Energy is the prime mover of all we see and know. You change the energy and your body has to respond.”

In support of Health and Wellness, Energy Medicine can:

  • Greatly enhance your quality of life.
  • Improve your body’s ability to heal naturally and efficiently.
  • Enhance and increase the effectiveness of herbs and medications.
  • Be an excellent complement to any other conventional medical treatments, often assisting in their success and in greatly reducing unwanted side effects.
  • Pain management and release.
  • Performance enhancement for Professionals - athletics, performance artists, politicians, business executives.  Professional people have unique challenges from balance to focus.

Eden Energy Medicine is considered ADJUNCTIVE to conventional medical treatment rather than alternative.  EEM can bring balance to the body's energy system, supporting rather than replacing the care of health professionals.

How Does Eden Energy Medicine Work?

The body consists of a complex and intricate dance continuously happening between our multiple energy systems and the energies of the environment. Energy Medicine employs the use of energy pathways, chakras, meridians, auric fields, electro-magnetic polarities, and acupressure points to access, balance, and retrain our energy flows and systems. Eden Energy Medicine taps into all of these systems, and more, to bring harmony to the energy imbalances that may be causing or may be caused by disease and illness.

Eden Energy Medicine is a rapid and accurate way of activating and supporting the body’s healing process while remaining non-intrusive and gentle to the body.

How is Energy Medicine Practiced?

Energy Medicine sessions are based on the needs of the individual client.  My clients will receive appropriate energy assessment and balancing techniques during the session. I work directly and gently on the body and also in the bio-field, or aura of the body.

My clients will often be given take-home techniques; techniques that will further support the energetic shifts that took place during the session and accelerate their healing affect. I will encourage you as a client to participate in your energetic health. I strive to ensure that the home care techniques are easy to learn and offer support with email and video instruction following the session.

As I work with you I'll be teaching you about your energies.  The mystery that surrounds energy medicine will fade as you begin to know your energetic body like you know your physical body. The ultimate goal of Energy Medicine is to achieve your personal goals that you have set for your health, your happiness, and your quality of life.

I am proud to be part of a worldwide group of Eden Energy Medicine practitioners. One of the hallmarks of our community is dedication to communication and continuing education. We share a wealth of experience and knowledge.

Has Eden Energy Medicine been used to address specific health challenges?

The resounding answer to that question is…YES! Donna Eden developed this Energy Medicine practice to save her own life. As a young woman, Donna had MS and was wheel chair bound. Her body was developing new allergies rapidly and her body’s organs were extremely weakened. Now in her seventies, Donna is vibrant and actively teaching EEM around the world.

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