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I receive wonderful comments from my clients that warm my heart and make the whole thing complete for me.

"Guess what? I HAVE MORE ENERGY and i’m even waking up early in the morning like 0700 to 0800 and getting up and i’m not tired and i don’t even need a nap during the day! i have been a ‘big sleep girl all my life, like at least 10 hours and sometimes more even’. wowzers!!!!”

                                                                                     K.W. Energy Medicine, December, 2018

“I was struggling in my life and my friend thought I could benefit from a session with Marianne. I’m somewhat of a sceptical person and thought - what could she possibly do to assist me through my stumbling blocks in life? 

From our first meeting I could tell that she was very trusting and authentic, but I was still hesitant. She started to work on me and was showing me where energy was stuck in my body and why. I had a lot of stomach pain which doctors could not explain.  I was hospitalized  for 11 days in so much pain that they had to give me morphine.  I couldn’t eat because it was so painful. After being scoped and prodded every which way, I was just sent home. Marianne was able to identify that it was past emotion and stress that I was holding in certain areas. 

Long story short, she was able to get everything in my body flowing again, and now it all makes sense. All I know is that I will usually try anything once, but I have been back to get more things released. I guess it works.  Thank you

                                                                                            D.S. Energy Medicine, August, 2018

"Marianne has innovated many effective protocols that are unique and which are also part of an Eden-inspired world.  Marianne’s protocols have transformed my energy medicine practice.  I think Marianne’s work with Triple Warmer should be part of the EEM Certification Program.”  

 “The energy was so naturally safe, trusting, caring and loving. The skills and knowledge of  Marianne is top notch very thorough and the assistant Patricia brings an enhancement we all enjoyed. I only wish more males would join these practices they are so missing out on an absolutely unimagined journey toward self-discovery and wellness.”  

"Marianne is an excellent teacher! She really knows her material inside and out, can readily answer any question on the topic, and explains things well enough for us to understand it too.”

"I love the content and feel like I am learning what I’ve always wanted to know and have been missing in my life.”

 "Marianne was excellent. She is very easy to understand and takes the time to answer our questions and help us process what we are learning.”

"Thank-you so much Marianne for my session yesterday! I feel SO much better than I have in recent weeks! I slept a lot yesterday off and on and felt like my legs were like baby deer legs! Ha ha!! But I made sure I ate well and got lots of fluids in my body and am feeling refreshed today and I can feel my energy returning! Thank-you again for your care and attention and helping me heal my body!! You are amazing!!”

                                                                                             C.L. Energy Medicine, August, 2015

“Thanks very much for my self care video and the charts … wow, so much work you do still after work .  I appreciate it so very much.  I felt so wonderful … floating away, after my super relaxing , wonderful heavenly session today, Thanks a million!”

G.T. Energy Medicine, October, 2014

"Marianne , i can’t thank you enough for this very special weekend !!! I enjoyed it sooo much … all the people in it and learning about Eden Energy Medicine which fascinates me more and more . You truly are an awesome  teacher giving this great gift on to your students with kindness , great love and lots of fun. 

I walked out of your course feeling wonderful , uplifted and supported and now two days later I can still draw from this positive good feeling !
Thanks also for the 2 Videos on the Meridian Tracing and Daily Routine , they are so helpful , very clearly demonstrated and looking like a joyful dance. The love & passion you have for Eden Energy Medicine reflects not only in your great work in your practice but also in your work as a fantastic teacher !!!

G.T. Energy Medicine Workshop, September, 2014

"I have been thinking about you as I had put my Pelvic Ultra Sound off until after my weekend with you when you were here in Calgary. I felt my time with you would change the status of my cyst on my left ovary, and I was not wrong, it has changed to a not ``worry status``. With my tapping and your energy work, my heart just knew that this would be possible and I have never been so relieved. Thank you for that weekend of positive energy and life changing moments for me.  I have always been a believer, but am now truly and undeniably changed in how I choose to live my life."                                                                                                   

P.W. Energy Medicine Workshop, November, 2013

"Marianne is an incredible healer, she's living her life purpose and she's helping me so much. She's helping me truly understand and to see and feel for myself that "energy is everything.

All my life I felt like my wires were crossed, and the amazing thing is, they were! My energy was all crossed and tangled, bunched up, stuck up, messed up, no wonder I felt the way I did and no wonder my life on the outside was exactly how I felt on the inside. Marianne is getting my energy working right, and I'm feeling so much better.  I'm doing some things that I've been putting off for years, too scared to do. I did them, it was no big deal and I feel so proud of myself that I was able to do them. There's hope. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Marianne."

 P.L. Energy Medicine, September, 2013

" Just completed my five minute routine.  I woke up this am after a fantastic sleep (first one in a long time without chemicals), don't feel as anxious or stressed, it's still there but on a lesser scale.  Thank you so much for yesterday Marianne.  I'm very grateful for having you in my life and the gifts you bring."

 P.F. Energy Medicine Facetime session, August, 2013

"I never – ever – thought I could meditate. I had too many things on my mind, I was stressed out, I didn’t have time to “just sit”…..and that is exactly why Marianne encouraged me to start!   In the introduction sessions she walked us through our meditations and affirmations with a gentle voice; with each session I felt a little stronger within myself to focus on my own. Years later, I meditate on my own and use it for so many things – to calm myself, to help train (running), to sleep and sometimes to just enjoy the day.”

J.B.  Meditation, March, 2013

"In January of 2011 I had a lumpectomy.  Shortly after my surgery, a friend suggested I call Marianne who was doing some energy medicine.  That was the beginning of a wonderful relationship.  With Marianne’s wonderful abilities as a healer, I was able to stay strong and focused throughout my months of treatment.  Marianne helped restore my sense of balance, confidence, well-being and happiness.  After each session I always had a renewed sense of purpose as though I could conquer anything that came along.

Not only is Marianne a healer, but she is a great teacher as well.  She has taught me to perform some daily routines on myself, which helps to keep me in balance. 

I refer to Marianne as my cancer conqueror because she really helped me believe that I could not only beat this but that I could thrive.  I am so grateful for all the help she continues to give me."

S.M. Energy Medicine and Meditation, February, 2013

"I'm feeling so much better in general since I began having sessions with Marianne.  I have a greater sense of well-being, as if no matter what, everything is fine.  I feel relaxed, happy and calm."

E.F. Energy Medicine, November, 2012

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