Marianne teaches a variety of Energy Medicine Classes tailored to group needs. 

In response to the Covid 19 situation I have been working on ways to support practitioners to sustain their practice as we ride this wave. I have used distance healing for much of my EEM career and teach distance healing as part of the Developing Your Practice series.

Your Client’s Distance Session Experience will offer you techniques to explore in your distance sessions as well as on your table. Add to your toolbox with ideas to help you develop a rich practitioner/client experience. Learn to be creative in assessing and correcting the energies in all of your session situations. This will be a two hour class with presentation and discussion.

Tuesday April 14, 2020 at 6 PM PST Zoom class. You will receive the link and handout following payment for the class. $35CAN (approximately $25 USD) Please scroll down for the paypal link.

Strategies for Distance Healing will awaken you to new possibilities and further expand your perspective on how vast this energy thing really is! You will be guided into a deep focus that will connect you with your client through time and space. In reality the energy does not "travel" anywhere. It is simply “sent and received” and instantly “transmitted”.

Monday, March 23 at 6 PM PST  Zoom class. You will receive the link following payment for the class. $35 CAN (approximately $25 USD) - please use link below

Energy Medicine is effective at improving workplace stress and relationships. It is also useful for performance issues, such as focus and stamina. Because Energy Medicine helps improve general health, strength, and happiness the tools are valuable for staff wellness.

Energy Medicine basics are easy to learn and the tools are simple to use. Many workplace settings are introducing the quick Daily Energy Routine as part of a workplace wellness program.

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Suggested workshops:

Energy Medicine Self Care:

A three-hour class to introduce a daily 5 – 10 minute routine designed to balance energy. Balanced energy supports general health and happiness.


Energetic Self Care and Stress Management:

A six-hour class created to teach the daily balancing routine and tools to manage workplace stress.

Energy Medicine for Interpersonal Relationships:

A two-day intensive class for high stress workplace settings. Designed for front-line workers, this class offers support for those who experience a variety of stresses beyond a standard office setting.

For information about these and other classes please contact Marianne!

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